smartHR management solution is not Just Human Resources Management Solution but it is a complete Platform where you can create a complete and complex business processes in simple way and quick time “It is not just HR but complete Platform”

smartHR management solution is international standards and best practices based Human capital management software solution designed for the Middle East Region requirements in its basic foundation. It is compliant with the ME countries labour laws, immigration offices, common businesses rules and regulations. smart HR enables the tools you need to effectively maintain and manage your most valuable asset “Your Staff”.

smartHR allows organizations to introduce international Best Practices in HR Management to their HR departments. The Smart HR solutions offer your organization a chance to implement international standards in HR management for Organization Structure, recruitment, Personal management, Payroll Management, Time Management, Performance Appraisal, and Employee Development & Training to ensure higher employee satisfaction and compliance with governmental regulations.

smartHR replaces paper based, time-consuming, and error-prone HR/Payroll methods, and is modular so you can customize the solution according to your needs, desired level of automation, and budget. Along with a comprehensive set of HR and payroll features.

smartHR is a perfect solution to reduce your costs, reduce administrative time, and empower your employees. With Smart HR the free flow of information between employees, supervisors, managers, top management, and administrators save time & money and gives more accuracy. Backed by superior customer support, smart HR provides unparalleled technical expertise and product enhancements that ensure your ongoing success.

Main Functions

  • Company/s Setup
  • Company/s Department Structure
  • Company/s Functional Structure
  • Organization Chart by:
    • Department
    • Functional
    • Department/Functional
    • Functional/ Employees
    • Department/Functional/Employees

General benefits

By running smart HR, you will get a lot of benefits which speed up your ROI as:.

  • Automate your HR department business process.
  • Paperless work environment using workflow capabilities.
  • Quick process steps and actions through the workflow capabilities, email integration SMS and Mobility.
  • Alerting via email integration, SMS, and Mobility.
  • Better budgeting and manning management.
  • Increase accuracy of compensation and payroll.
  • Avoid double standards by enabling reliable performance appraisal.
  • Enhance Communication between company’s organization departments.
  • Improve HR service level.
  • Efficient recruitment planning and management.
  • Increase visibility of organization competencies and skills.
  • Efficient training planning and management.

Top Features and Charctercities

There are many features and charctercities for smart HR.

Companies business requirements are vary based on the operation nature, size (small, medium and large) and activities. As a state of art Smart HR was designed to fit all types of Companies with focus in the Middle East special requirements and nature of operation.
smart HR supports multi company structure and unlimited organization structure (Group, Company, Sectors, Divisions, Departments, sections …etc), beyond this feature is the flexible and intelligent design since it is blue print phase, which give the management online view for all companies. Even you can manage different companies with central Human Resource department or different companies with separate HR department for each company.
Smart HR is a fully parametrised application which gives you quick implementation and capabilities to change your business process at any time in different ways.
Smart HR is Simple, Smart, easy to use and user Friendly interface application enriched with customisable toolbars, menus, language specific, help includes Automatic pop-up help provided to direct the user during an interactive session, with clear and concise warnings and communication messages accompanied by instructions for correction..
smart HR support Multilanguage interfaces & reports as English, Arabic etc. and all Application screen captions, labels and fields names are subject to user customisation.