From organization structure you can build your structure (Organizational structure or functional structure) from Company Group, companies, the structure for each company (Sectors, Departments, Davison’s, sections, etc) and a catalogue of jobs that will be used by these organization units Smart HR Support unlimited number of companies, any Hierarchy levels of your company structure Unlimited grading structures with unlimited grades & steps linked to complete Salary structure & Benefits. Organization structure simulation with full cost calculation by defining cost components and run simulation for the simulated structure.

Main Functions

  • Company/s Setup
  • Company/s Department Structure
  • Company/s Functional Structure
  • Organization Chart by:
    • Department
    • Functional
    • Department/Functional
    • Functional/ Employees
    • Department/Functional/Employees

Detailed Functions

  • Grades Structures
  • Position Setup
  • Job Setup & Job Description
  • Organization Structure Simulation
    • Creating Simulated structure based on current structure
    • Modifying simulation by drag & drop
    • Simulation Cost Calculation
    • Publishing Simulation to life
  • Manpower Planning
  • Reports.

Benefits and Features

Using smart HR organization structure module you will have a lot of benefits and features as:

  • Simple and comprehsive.
  • Drag & drop features.
  • Process automation in manpower planning.
  • Job description detaild setup.
  • Budget control form head count & amount.
  • Multi user define dimession setup.
  • Strong simulation feature.

Supported Structure

smart HR support all diffrerent types of organization structres.

Creating unlimited number of business unit structure with diffrent types as Group, company, Division, department, section, subsection...etc.
Creating unlimited number of functional structure assigned to business unit and multi jobs functions.
By assigning the employee to the relevent position, smart HR automatically assign the employee on his structure (department & Functional).